Are there any account limits for trading, deposits or withdrawals?

There are currently no account limits for trading or deposits to Bsgex. Limits for withdrawals depend on your verification level.

Level 1 Verification – Withdrawal Limit

Level 1 verification is achieved during the registration process once you click the link on the Registration Confirmation email sent to your registered email address. Every Bsgex account has access to all functions and features on Bsgex once the account is activated at Level 1.

Level 1 verified accounts have a withdrawal limit of 0.5 BTC and 5,000 BSG per 24 hour period*.


Level 2 Verification – Withdrawal Limit

You can increase the withdrawal limit on your account by upgrading it to Level 2 verification. See our article 'How do I increase my Verification Level to LEVEL 2?' on increasing account verification to Level 2.

Level 2 verified accounts have a withdrawal limit of 5.0 BTC and 50,000 BSG per 24 hour period*.


NOTE: A '24 hour period' means 24 hours from your first withdrawal. For example, if you make a withdrawal at 4pm on the 8th of August, your 24 hour period runs until 3.59pm on the 9th of August for that amount. The next 24 hour period will commence with your next withdrawal.