5- Your Coin Balances

Your Coin Balances form part of your Account, and allow you to send, receive and store supported Coins (see clause 9), in accordance with instructions provided by you through the Platform.

You must not attempt to send, receive or store unsupported Coins in your Account. Any such actions may result in the loss of the unsupported Coins.

You must not send Coins to a wallet address for a different Coin than the currency you are sending. This is commonly known as cross-chain deposit. In recoverable instances, an appropriate recovery fee will be charged for Bsgex executing a cross-chain recovery.

Your Coin Balances are operated by us, and represent entries in your name on the general ledger of ownership of Coins maintained and held by us. This means the Coins in your deposit wallets may be pooled in our internal accounts with other Users' Coins at any time.

Each User's entry in the general ledger of ownership of Coins is held by us, on trust, for that User.