9- Supported Coins

9.1. Supported Coins

We will from time to time publish a list of Coins supported on our Platform.

It is your responsibility to determine whether you should acquire, exchange or sell any Coin, and you should seek professional advice before doing so. By supporting a Coin on our Platform, we make no representations, and give no warranties:
            whether you should purchase, sell, or hold any Coin, or in relation to the performance, value of or benefits associated with that Coin;
            as to any rights or obligations you may have as a holder of that Coin;
            as to whether the terms of the Coin have been accurately represented by the issuer or any promoter of that Coin;
            the success of any business or project related to any Coin; or
            that the issuer has complied with any or all Applicable Laws in relation to that Coin, or that it has received any required regulatory approvals, licences, or registrations to enable it to issue or offer the Coin.

Bsgex, its officers, employees, agents and contractors do not provide any advice in relation to Transactions. You must not rely on anything we say as intended to:
            pass judgement on the merits of any particular Coin;
            endorse, sponsor or recommend any Coin supported on the Platform;
            make any recommendation regarding the advisability of investing in any Coin for any particular individual.

The Coins supported on the Platform may change from time to time without notice to any User, for any reason, including as a result of any Applicable Laws, any change to the underlying rules of a Coin, or any technological issue outside of our reasonable control.

It is your responsibility to confirm that any Coin is a supported Coin. You will be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of sending, depositing or returning any Coins that are not supported by us.

9.2. Coins in Maintenance

From time to time, as part of the risks of trading in Coins, a Coin supported on the Platform may be placed in maintenance. During maintenance, you cannot deposit or withdraw the affected Coin.

Circumstances in which we may put a Coin into maintenance include:
            developer requests;
            the Coin is out of sync with its blockchain;
            routine maintenance;
            mandatory updates; and
            other blockchain related issues.

We do not accept any liability, either directly or indirectly, for any loss caused by placing a Coin into maintenance.

9.3. Delisting Coins

From time to time, we may delist Coins from the Platform (meaning they can no longer be traded) for technical, legal or any other reason at our discretion.

Generally, the procedure in which we will delist a specific Coin is as follows:
            the market for the Coin is closed and from that point you will not be able to buy or sell the Coin; and
            we will give at least a 30 day notice on the removal of the Coin. At that time, the status of the Coin becomes "delisting".

During the 30 day notice period, you must ensure that you withdraw the specific Coin from the Platform, to an external wallet, and cancel any outstanding Transactions. If you do not withdraw your balance of the Coin from the Platform you may lose the balance of the Coin at the time it is removed.

After the notice period and once the Coin is delisted, the Coin will no longer be able to be deposited, withdrawn, bought or sold on the platform. If possible, any un-processed Transactions in respect of the Coin will not be processed and any related Coin or amount will be returned to the User.

You acknowledge that we may immediately delist a Coin, without following the process set out above, where the removal is urgently required for compliance with any Applicable Law or where we consider the continued support of the Coin may result in a serious risk of harm or legal liability to us, the Platform, the Services or any User.

You acknowledge that some Coins may be delisted without the option to withdraw the Coin from the Platform during the 30 day notice period. This will occur when the Coin is unable to be withdrawn due to technical, legal or any other reason at our discretion.

Bsgex does not accept any liability, either directly or indirectly, with any loss caused by delisting a Coin.