17- Notices and Communication

17.1. Communicating with You

You consent to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents and disclosures (Communications) that we may or must provide in connection with your Account, the Platform or any Services.

You will be taken to have received any notice that we publish on the Platform, or that is sent to the most recent contact address (including email address) that we have on file for your Account.

You are responsible for telling us if there are any changes to your contact details, including your email address. Failure to do so may impact your rights under these Terms and any other applicable terms and conditions.

When we give notice under these Terms we can do so in one or more of the following ways:
            by email;
            by other forms of direct communication; and
            by displaying a notice on the Platform.

17.2. Communicating with Us

You can communicate with us by lodging a support ticket through your Account or by email. You can also communicate with us by Facebook or Twitter, but communications through these media will not constitute notice for the purpose of these Terms.

We will typically process communications in the order we receive them. We will try to answer your concerns as soon as possible with the resources available to us. However, from time to time, and due to the fluctuations of demand, responses may be delayed. See the Bsgex Risk Statement for more information.

17.3. Providing Information

You agree to provide all information to us which we require in order to manage our anti-money-laundering and countering the financing of terrorism obligations, to manage economic trade sanctions risks, or to comply with any Applicable Law in any other country. If you fail to provide this information, or provide incomplete, inaccurate, or false information, you agree that we may refuse to establish a business relationship with you, may be required to delay, defer, stop or refuse to process any Transaction, or may terminate our business relationship with you and close your Account at any time without notice.