19- Glossary

In these Terms:

Account means an account established by a User, and operated, in accordance with these Terms.

Applicable Law means all Acts, regulations, rules, bylaws, orders in Council, proclamations, notices, warrants, instruments, orders of any court or tribunal, regulatory guidance or instructions and relevant industry codes of practice, including any common law and equity, that are applicable to these Terms, or our or your conduct in relation to these Terms, the Platform, and the Services.

Business Day means a day trading banks are open for business in GMT.

Coin means any blockchain-based, or digital representation of an, asset, token or digital currency, such as BitCoin, Ethereum, BsgCoin or any other digital, virtual or crypto currency.

Coin Balance(s) means any record of Bsgex holding funds on the Bsgex Platform on your behalf.

Bsgex, us, we, our or ours means Bsgex Limited.

Bsgex Risk Statement means the Bsgex risk statement published from time to time on the Platform.

Custodial Account means the bank account held by Bsgex on behalf of Users for the purpose of receiving and transmitting fiat dollar funds matched to Fiat Pegged Tokens.

Fiat Pegged Tokens are digital representations of a fiat currency. There will be an individual Fiat Pegged Token for each fiat currency we offer. Each Fiat Pegged Token is equivalent to one fiat dollar of the respective fiat currency.

Nominated Account means a User's account with a registered bank.

Platform means the Bsgex website and trading platform accessible at https://bsgex.com and any associated Accounts, applications, or websites.

Related Entity means an "associated person" of Bsgex within the meaning of section 12 of the FMCA.

Services means any services provided by us to you or any other User, whether through the Platform or outside of it, including the purchase, sale and exchange of Coins, and the provision of the Platform, your Account (including any Fiat Pegged Tokens), and any Coin Wallet.

Terms means these Terms and Conditions, as updated from time to time.

Third-Party Content means content, advertisements, links, promotions, logos and other materials from a non-Related Entity.

Transactions means any Transaction undertaken through the Platform including any buy, sell or exchange transaction, or transfer of fiat dollars or Coin from an Account.

User means any person who is eligible to use the Platform and our Services and who holds an Account.